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We work for you, which means we try to understand you, your personal circumstances and goals, as well as business and financial aspirations. We understand how important it is to make effective decisions to secure our future and therefore apply all our experience to achieve the best results.

Our team consists of more than 900 excellent professionals who use all their talents and skills in business. They will be happy to help you to try solve your problem no matter what you are asking for. Whether it's advice on business strategy, structuring, tax efficient or developing your business to maximize value. In this way, we can even help you with questions to support your family and your business.

We are always open to new things and are not afraid of them. That is why we are happy to work with modern trends such as various start-ups, the crypto currency market and VR-technologies. While for other companies you may be a non-standard client, our doors are always open to you. If all is so, write to us!

We understand how important it is for a successful business to have people behind your back who you can trust. Building trusted relationships with consultants and providing ideas and solutions based on your needs is an essential part of our company.

What it covers?

Individual insurance plan in case the others do not fit

Insurance for complicated and high-tech productions

Insurance of cryptocurrency capital and data

Insurance for high-tech start up’s

Business insurance

Business insurance protects your business from the possibility of theft or damage of tools and equipment. It also protects against complaints about poor improper work and services or damage to third party property or other persons.

There are three main types of business liability insurance that cover legal costs and successful claims for damages against your business. The Combined Business Policy includes not only the above but also standard insurance for your business property. Also, the business policy includes insurance of your equipment in case of loss, damage or theft. Coverage for fraud or theft from employees, property damage and loss if it interferes with your work (business interruption) is included in the business policy. The cost of insurance depends on the coverage you choose:

Employers’ liability insurance: in case a claim against your company of any current or previous employees if they get injured or sick because of your order.

Public liability insurance: in case someone outside (not from your company) get injured or their property is damaged because of your business.

Professional indemnity insurance: in case your work negatively affected the client’s business or finances and you are claimed against.

What is covered?

loss, theft and damage to equipment

theft of your data

property damage

business interruption

employee sickness or injury in the workplace

business trips of your employees

public injury or property damage from your business

third party business or financial loss caused by your work

The type of insurance may vary from the size of your company and its activity. You can create your own plan. For example, use a combination business insurance or independent liability cover and add items suitable to your needs. Also, if you are a trader, you may be interested in special insurance options such as property insurance for your business, special tools, transit cargo or accident coverage.

Temporary business interruption insurance after a coronavirus outbreak. Any newly purchased temporary business interruption insurance policy does not include coverage related to current events. Therefore, interruption of business due to a COVID-19 cannot be insured.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is our product designed to protect against the specific potential effects of cyber crimes. For example, malware, ransom, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks or any other means to compromise your network and breach data privacy.
We provide you with a package of information, data and tools to make decisions about risk management and determine the total cost of risk.

Cyber risk insurance or cybersecurity is designed to reduce the chances of particular risks. Our cyber insurance offer cover the most loss which could happen because of cyberattack. They also include physical damage to equipment or compensation for loss of income. The insurance plan can be customized to meet your needs and requirements.

Insurance Risk Management

Risk management is a quantitative assessment of the probability of financial consequences that may occur in the client's business. It requires settlement by the insurer. It also means the ability to distribute the risk of events to other insurance underwriters presented in the market. The risk management process usually includes the creation of a mathematical and statistical model to determine the insurance coverage and insurance risk for "hold" vs "distribute".

We provide you with a package of information, data and tools to make decisions about risk management and determine the total cost of risk.

Before entering into a contract, we will need to conduct working consultations with you and your broker. We will select an individual plan based on your requirements.

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